New York City, NY

The following is an open letter from supporters of NYCFC and
other supporters of other clubs to the Investor-operators
and league management of Major League Soccer, officials of
US Soccer, Soccer Canada, corporate sponsors of Major League
Soccer, and our fellow supporters.


As football supporters we are dismayed by news that Anthony
Precourt and Precourt Sports Ventures have set about to kill
the Columbus Crew SC. We are further dismayed by reports
that the MLS board, including the operators of our own club,
may have agreed to the frankly craven behavior shown by
Anthony Precourt and Precourt Sports Ventures.

If bullying of citizens by a multi-millionaire to demand
their tax dollars was not bad enough, the clear signs of a
long planned conspiracy to take the Columbus Crew from its
fans is beneath contempt.

This is a terrible image for our league to project, and were
it to go ahead, it would irrevocably damage the trust ALL
MLS supporters put in their clubs and their league.

As Anthony Precourt himself said when taking the helm of
Columbus in 2013 : "This club, and any sports franchise for
that matter, should be a sacred community asset."

Make no mistake: one reason for the growth of soccer in the
United States and Canada in recent decades is the sense of
community and tradition it projects, so at odds with other
North American sports businesses. If you do no care for us,
or for your community, be warned: these actions damage the
value of your investments, and risk reducing them to the
same rootless, passionless, televised sideshow many sports
in the United States have become.

We hope, as more news comes out, that our owners and others
of good will and common sense in Major League Soccer will
pledge that they would not agree with such tactics, and
would never snatch clubs away from the communities which
breathe life into them.

We say clearly to Anthony Precourt and any who enable such
threats to our communities: turn back now.



Signed, Members of Hearts Of Oak, supporters club of NYCFC

Co-Signed, The Red Loons, supporters club of Minnesota United FC